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Blow molding machine & Mould

1. Use high quality steel, such as 718、P20、2316、38CrMo or according to the demand of customer.
2. Adopt computer simulate demoulding test, to make mould design more perfect.
3. Adopt single cavity taper positioning technology, to insure the uniformity of thickness of products.
4. Adopt special processing technic, to make every parts changeable, core and cavity use steel of corrosion resistant and wear resistant. (hardness>HRC60)
5. The most advanced design of no sprue gate hot runner, each cavity control temperature itself, to insure the uniformity of fluid and air pressure inside the mould cavity.
6.Adopt standard mould base, to make rigidity 3 times as normal mould.
7. All important parts produced by CNC equipments.
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