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Blow molding machine & Mould


1.Servo drive, servo mold clamping, with fast speed,accurate positioning and smooth motions.
2.Servo mold clamping, with strong clamping force.Mold opening and closing stroke can be adjusted according to bottle size,to decrease the time for opening and closing.
3,Far infrared heating lamps have strong penetration,preforms heated uniformly while rotating,PLC or electronic pressure adjustor control each group of heating lamps separately.
4.The air supply system consists of blowing air-in and motion air-in,to satisfy different products required air supply.
5. Production technology processes are full-automatic, to make best quality without pollution,to save investment with high efficiency ,easy operation and simple maintenance.

Range of application: beverage bottles,mineral water bottles,pesticide bottles,wine bottle, heat resistant bottles, etc.

Machines can be customized for special products
ITEM TN6000SV TN6000SV heat-resistant
Product volume 0.3-1.0L 0.3-0.9L
Max. product diameter Ø95mm Ø95mm
Max. product height 300mm 330mm
Max. mouth Ø40mm Ø40mm
Theoretical output/hour 4500-5000 pcs 2900-3300 pcs
Mould thickness 220mm 220mm
Mould plate stroke 120-140mm adjustable 120-140mm adjustable
Stretching stroke 300mm 300mm
Mould cavity 6 6
Whole machine power 380V50HZ 380V50HZ
65KW 98
Max. heating power 43.5 84
Actual power consumption12-20KW 25-30
Blowing air pressure and air flow 1.5-3Mpa ≥3.2M3/min 2-3Mpa≥3.6M3/min
Working air pressure and air flow 0.8-1Mpa ≥3M3/min 0.8-1Mpa≥3M3/min
Cooling-air dryer 3Mpa ≥4M3/min 3Mpa≥4M3/min
Machine size Main machine 4900×1690×2300mm 4730X1690X 2300mm
Uploading part 2120×950×2550 mm Uploading part2120×950×2550 mm
Feeding part 1500×730×2000 mm Feeding part 1500×730×2000 mm
weight 4700KG 47300KG
Water chiller temperature and flow 3-10℃ 10-30℃
30-50L/min 30-50L/min
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